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Forces 80
Umbrella organisation for Cold War Living History
C.20 Forums
Recently resurrected from vandalism.
"A forum for 20th Century Living History re-enactors who have a sense of humour."
Obvously, that was put sorely to the test when it was vandalised, but it's back up again, and long may it remain!
The Royal Military Police
Officical MoD RMP website
RMP Museum details and website
Note that as at 15th January 2007 RHQ, the RMP Museum and shop were relocated to the Defence College of Policing and Guarding, Southwick Park. It is highly advisable to phone them BEFORE turning up for a visit, as like most Museums, they don't have a surfeit of staff, and are located within the confines of the camp: You therefore need to have had the guard room notified to expect you, or you might be told that you cannot visit!
Run by a former RMP soldier, the site is an interesting source of material. Well worth a visit.
Specific search terms for the Royal Military Police.

Generic Living History and associated topics...

Ex-Military Land Rover Association
EMLRA are a Military Vehicle association with the main aims of either preserving and/or renovating ex-military Land Rovers. If you're considering purchasing one, they are a wealth of good knowledge, and their facilities extend to offering members a full and as complete as possible service history background search on your Land Rover... Well worth the membership fee, folks, so if you've a landie, join up - basic membership (forum only) is free, and full membership is practically a pittance in modern money

Tim's Tags
Accurate and genuine format British military identification discs. HIGHLY recommended for modern re-enactors and genuine British military who need another set of discs
WW2 Re-enacting forums
Covering most aspects of the Second World War, there are also sections of the forums devoted to post war areas of interest.
Very helpful crowd on there, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Allied Forums dot net
Concentrating primarily again on the Second World War, they do have a very small dedicated section on post war matters, albeit not that busy for the Cold War period.
Again, a very freindly crowd on there, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Suggested Further Reading...

The Redcaps
The authorised history of the Royal Military Police and it's antecedents from the Middle Ages to the Gulf War.
Author: Dr GD Sheffield (senior lecturer in the Department of War Studies, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst).
Publisher: Brassey's (UK), London, 1994. ISBN: 1-85753-029-2.
Redcaps: Policing the Army
A book to compliment the 1995/96 BBC series about the Royal Military Police.
Author: Kevin Mann, producer of the BBC series.
Publisher: Boxtree Limited, London for the BBC.
ISBN: 1-85283-909-0.
The History of the Corps of the Royal Military Police
Author: Major SF Crozier MBE (Former Officer attached to CMP).
Publisher: Gale and Polden Ltd, Aldershot, 1951.
The Story of the Royal Military Police
Author: AV Lovell-Knight, (former Major with RMP).
Publisher: Leo Cooper, London, 1977.
ISBN: 0-85085-222-6
Elite Series No. 14: The British Army in the 1980s
Good photographs of the Army in the '80s, not much about RMP, but a good uniforms primer on Combat Dress.
Publisher: Osprey
Author: Mike Chappell.
ISBN: 1-85045-796-3.
With special emphasis on uniforms and insignia worn by the Corps.
Publisher: Osprey
Author: Mike Chappell.
ISBN: 1-85532-670-1.

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